Terms of Service & End User License Agreements

The list below contains Service Agreements, Terms of Service, and/or License Agreements that pertain to products, services and software provided by Pronet Solutions Corporation (“Pronet”). Any Pronet customer who uses and/or accesses the products and/or services and/or software described therein, or any Pronet customer who submits payment to Pronet for such products/services/software, is fully bound by the agreement(s) that correspond to the products/services/software provided to the customer under these terms and/or agreements. These agreements may be amended by Pronet, and such amendments shall be immediately in effect upon publication on Pronet’s website and as listed below. It is the responsibility of the customer to regularly review these agreements, and the continued use of or payment for any product, service, or software provided to the customer under these terms and/or agreements indicates that the customer fully accepts and agrees to the corresponding agreement(s), including any and all amendments therein.

Click the agreement to the right that applies to the corresponding Service Agreement, Terms of Service, and/or License Agreement or the product, service, and/or software that applies.